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What It Means To Share Freshness

What it means to share freshness?

We all have a personal scent that is unique to us. Our scent is made up of a lot of different scents, determined by the food we eat, our hormones, our stress level, anxiety, level of arousal, cleanliness, the smell of our clothes and hair, plus any scented products we apply on our skin.
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A person's scent is also influenced by the smells of their home and workplace. This personal scent follows us everywhere, so much so that we are recognized by that smell alone. It becomes our identity.

And for some people, their identity is the body odour they exude. Why? Because human beings are social creatures. We share spaces with others everywhere: at work, at home, on the go etc. And when we catch a whiff of odour from the people that surround us, instinct has us scrunching our noses to sniff ourselves, in the eternal question of… “Do I smell?”

NIVEA Freshness couple

Body odour is a common issue, and it occurs when bacteria on the skin breaks down acids in sweat, causing an unpleasant scent. Body odour can be an embarrassment, one that reduces people’s confidence level, thus affecting their personal and social relationships.

Although there is no universal treatment for body odour, using the NIVEA Dry deodorant range, helps fight the odour; keeping you fresh all day. This is because it contains ingredients that prevent bacterial growth, and help reduce the number of bacteria, thus helping to fight body odour.

So, whenever you share spaces with people, make sure to share freshness by using the NIVEA DRY deodorant range.