The rich and creamy formula intensively nourishes

Rich Nourishing Cream

body care

Rich mositure care, 24h noticeably smoother skin

  • Dry Skin
  • Moisturizing
  • Nourishing
Size: 400 ML

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Item number: 83882 (838820561797) Product range: Body Cream

The patented NIVEA formula is using the knowledge, that our skin contains sufficient moisture in its deeper layers, that assures its fresh, healthy look. Unluckily with time and exposure to outside influences our skin often looses access to this innter moisture depot. Inspired by natural skin processes NIVEA has developed an active, which reactivated the skin to use of htis source again.

  • Rich moisture care

Almond Oil


Rich Nourishing Cream

Smooth the body lotion all over your body daily
Gently massage into your skin