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Face challenges with control

NIVEA MEN Deep Range of products is designed to give you the confidence you need to show off your true self by offering you powerful protection for 48 hours long. With active ingredients black-carbon and micro-fine clay NIVEA MEN DEEP offers long lasting freshness and smooth skin. Keeping you ready to take on your world and make a lasting positive impact while still being yourself. Up your grooming game with the New DEEP range which includes Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Sprays & Roll-ons, Face and Beard Wash, Shaving Gel and DEEP Comfort Aftershave Lotion that are specially formulated to trap dirt and tackle sweat and bad body odour.


Dark wood NIVEA MEN


Experience a contemporary, bold, masculine, creation powered by black carbon coupled with a modern, masculine Dark Wood fragrance, wrapped by a touch of vanilla musk. For the ambitious, dream chaser breaking every challenge he faces.

Espresso NIVEA MEN


Feel the magnetic power from the tempting and sensual scent of intense espresso and cedarwood. Designed for the dapper, rustic, and cool gentleman who works in an office and enjoys an occasional cup of coffee.

Amazonia NIVEA MEN


Be brave and wild with a scent of free spirit from Amazonian freshness and ginger kick. For the gentleman who is an outdoor freak, loves nature and is a traveller.

Amazonia NIVEA MEN


Discover this new fresh fragrance, blending modern woody signature scents. Unleash your senses diving into this world of woody, fresh, and ambery scents. Made for the man who wants to stay dry all day long while enjoying the unbeatable fresh feeling that comes with new cutting-edge fragrance.

Shaving Range

The NIVEA MEN Deep Shaving Foam cleans your skin for a superior razor glide, protecting and leaving nothing but a long-lasting clean feeling. It ensures you experience a comfortable shave you've always dreamed of. The innovative formula with Active Charcoal transforms from black to white and acts powerfully against germs, preparing the hair and protecting the skin acting as a gliding shield and allowing a smooth shave.

This is rounded off by the NIVEA MEN Deep Comfort After Shave Lotion, which supports recovery from shaving irritation, leaving nothing but a clean and comfortable skin feeling. The unique formula with anti-germ effect protects the skin against germs while preventing it from drying out. The formula is enriched with a masculine and modern dark wood scent.

Go Deep After Shave Lotion
Go Deep Face and beard wash

Face & Beard Wash

NIVEA MEN DEEP Face & Beard Wash deeply cleanses your face and beard from residue and oil without drying out your skin. The innovative formula with Active Charcoal clears away impurities while removing all dirt and excess oils, so that your beard is clean and the face feels fresh.


Show Up and Express Yourself with NIVEA MEN DEEP range of products. Participate and stand a chance to win a Grand Prize: Playstation 5, and amazing NIVEA MEN and Real Madrid Merchandise. Are you ready to #GoDEEP?

Real Madrid x Dream Team x Deep x #GoDeep


When it comes to football, who you are and your ability to allow your personality shine through your game is very important. This is the same for the NIVEA Man as he goes about his daily life. That is why the NIVEA MEN Deep range covers your every grooming need to ensure you give a true account of who you are always! Introducing the NIVEA MEN Deep 12 hr challenge, a true test of whether you are ready. Do you accept the challenge?

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Each new day brings new challenges. NIVEA MEN are always prepared for such situations. We present to you four fun male profiles who are always #PreparedForAnything
Mr Dark wood NIVEA MEN

Mr DarkWood

Young ambitious guy chasing his dream and is inspired to go after it no matter what the situation is. He is always challenging his comfort zone. He is elegant, charming, charismatic and constantly at the Top-Of-His-Game!

Mr Espresso NIVEA MEN

Mr Espresso

The dapper, rustic, and cool gentleman who works in an office and enjoys an occasional cup of coffee. He is sophisticated, savours life, attracts with confidence and likes to discover new taste.

Amazonia NIVEA MEN

Mr Amazonia

The gentleman who likes adventure, is an outdoor freak and a traveler. He is Spontaneous, Courageous, loves to Explore and Adventure is his second name

Mr Espresso NIVEA MEN

Mr Beat

This gentleman enjoys music and expresses himself through it. He also likes to have unparalleled fresh feeling with new cutting-edge fragrance. The uniqueness of how he smells makes him stand out in a crowd.