The Best Care Tips for Beautiful Skin

Little care tips and great ideas for looking after your skin on every part of your body throughout the year.

Discover the secret to beautiful skin

Care for beautiful skin and a radiant complexion

When it is cold, our sebaceous glands produce less sebum. Cold temperatures and dry air from heating systems also deprive the skin of moisture. The rich daily care of NIVEA Nourishing Body Milk and regenerating night-time care restores the skin’s moisture in winter.

Apple compress for a smooth upper chest area

A yoghurt and apple mask is great for dehydrated skin. The yoghurt soothes the skin and the apples have a mild antioxidant effect – a great combination for a beautiful upper chest area.

Hand Care

Hands etc. – our most visible features

When it comes to thorough body care, looking after your hands is an absolute must. Use a sea-salt scrub once a week – use salt and oil from your kitchen as a basis for soft and smooth skin.

What does our skin want on cold days?

  • During the cold season, our skin needs extra care to keep it soft and beautiful. 
  • Even if it is very tempting to spend ages in a hot bath, avoid taking baths that are too hot or too long. Showering too frequently or spending a long time in the bath can affect the skin’s protective acid layer and make the natural corneal layer more permeable – this means that harmful substances can get in more easily. 
  • Rub in some intense nurturing cream, such as NIVEA Soft, after every shower. This contains gentle hydro wax, which blends into the skin as soon as it is applied, ensuring intensive and long-lasting care, without leaving a greasy feeling on the skin. Your skin will immediately feel soft and supple. 
  • Additional moisture boost: Once a week, use a body scrub and then apply a real moisture boost such as NIVEA Smooth Sensation Body Milk – this will make your skin feel firmer and look healthier.
  • The skin on our faces is something quite special: choosing the right care depends on your skin type. 
Find out here which skin type you have and how to give your skin the care that is just right for you.

Beautiful skin on the elbows, shins and knees

Some areas of skin dry out quicker than others. These need additional care all year round, not just during the colder months. Prevent feelings of tightness and itching by using creams and body lotions from the NIVEA Express Hydration range. These contains sea minerals, which play a major role in the skin’s metabolism and prevents moisture loss in the skin by strengthening the skin’s barrier.

Treat your skin to rich care and you’ll be rewarded with beautiful skin. Do you have particularly dry elbows? Try rubbing them with a lemon. This is a natural scrub with citric acid. As it does not contain any rough exfoliating granules, it is particularly gentle on the skin.

Practical care tips – neck and upper chest area

  • Traditionally, it has been said that you can tell a woman's real age from the skin on her neck and upper chest area, as well as her hands.
  • To make yourself look years younger, it is important to give your skin plenty of care.
  • To prevent small impurities from affecting the skin’s appearance, try using a scrub.
  • You should use a scrub around twice a week on the neck and upper chest area. Use a facial scrub for this, as body scrubs can be too rough.
  • This will remove dead skin cells, improve the skin’s appearance and restore the skin’s radiant glow.
  • Moisturising masks are just as suitable for this. Apply these to the neck and upper chest area while taking a relaxing bath and treat your skin to an extra dose of moisture, making it look instantly refreshed.

Beautiful skin from head to toe

The delicate skin on our face, as well as the dry areas on our shins and elbows, usually need extra special attention in our skin care routine. But we often forget our feet. And yet, our feet do a whole lot of work during colder times of year: packed tightly in heavy shoes or boots, they carry us throughout the world day after day, and therefore dry out very quickly. Give your feet the attention they deserve, and start a care routine with a relaxing foot bath. Using a soft scrub after taking a bath removes dry skin cells and gets the blood flowing to the feet.

For an extra dose of care, rub NIVEA Creme or NIVEA Soft into your feet afterwards – preferably combined with a soothing massage which reduces dry and rough feet. It is also great to care for your feet while you’re asleep, as the skin regenerates best at night: rub in plenty of cream, put on some cotton socks, and jump into bed.

Treat your skin to energy and moisture

Beautiful and tender skin needs all-round care to protect and regenerate it.

Gentle care for beautiful skin – even in the shower

The new NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion Honey & Milk, with its sensual fragrance, gives the skin noticeable and long-lasting care – even in the shower!

Radiant Skin

Restore your skin’s radiance

Keep your skin beautiful and radiant in winter – your skin needs extra care during colder times of year.

Body and back – don’t forget the middle

We often forget about our back and stomach when caring for our body. So pay special attention to these areas of the body. Not much time to put on cream? Then use NIVEA Creme Soft Shower Gel and care for your stomach and back whilst in the shower.

No more cold season skin

Even your skin misses light and sunshine on grey and gloomy winter days. You can get beautiful, radiant skin with NIVEA Soft: it perfects the skin’s appearance and gives your complexion natural radiance.

For grey winter and autumn days, a combination of care and make-up is the right choice.

Pamper programme

Water that is too hot can quickly dry out the skin when you shower. That’s why you should pamper your skin with NIVEA Creme Soft Shower Care and care for it even when you’re in the shower. The gel gives your skin extra care when showering, leaves a pampered feeling and protects it from drying out. 

Fitness for your connective tissue

To keep your skin firm all over your body, not only do you need an ideal care routine – your exercise routine is equally important. For this reason, you should try out yoga, Pilates or aerobics to strengthen your connective tissue. If the fatty tissue is firm, there are fewer indentations on the skin above it, making it look instantly smoother. In addition, exercise stimulates the circulation and gives the skin a lovely healthy and rosy colour – so start training today!